Ninja So Iron Man

Machines Up Class
To compensate for the already sporty appearance, Irwan who is a businessman motorcycle accessories that also attempt to examine the cardiac pacemaker. Problem is, he entrusted it to the repair shop that specializes Sportisi increase performance sport bike. CDI replaced with multibrand 28 step BRT brand.

Supporting components installed as Nassert Beet Evo III exhaust, coil Binter 400 cc, pilot jet and main jet Factory Pro, K & N filter to Thanks to the supporting components and additional accessories, the Iron Man up energy from 24 PS to 32 PS, the results of the dyno test. Touch a maximum speed of 180 km per hour.

Irwan did not realize what he had done for the Iron Man's own pocket is very deep. The total cost of overhauling the beginning to the present (including the repeated process of replacement parts and painting) has touched the figure of Rp 90 million!