Modification Honda Kharisma Fold

Booming Fold-fold
Folding bike is being dikilik by modifiers for boom folding bike. Earlier, in Yogyakarta, also has appeared in the arena 'n Drive Jogja Bike Week "in November last year. At that time, Honda Supra X display that has fold-fold although not known who the owner is.

It is believed, not only in Yogyakarta and Bandung, folding bike will be more prepared as modification trends. Barriers are only one, element of safety that no size fit for a crease chassis supporting the weight of the engine and the body is very heavy.

Folding bike concept has also been considered in the Japanese vehicle manufacturers. Honda Motor Compo introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. Electric powered motorcycle of 100 volt battery that can be folded on the handlebars which makes it very compact and can be put in the trunk of a sedan.

Various motorcycle concepts have also adopted many-fold folding technique. But the bottom line is a folding bike concept that many exhibited tremendous respect for the safety, including reducing the weight by creating a mini-dimensional folding bike.