Bajaj Pulsar Can not Serve 200ns

Bajaj Indian market and "nurture" Pulsar 200ns with Kawasaki Indonesia, impact on network services. If later Pulsar 200ns (the name that will be used is not yet known) is marketed by PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, after-sales service is also ensured the responsibility of Kawasaki.

It is said by the National Service Manager of Bajaj Auto Indonesia, Jan Franco Purba when talking casually with KompasOtomotif on the sidelines of the inauguration of Bajaj cooperation - Mr. Mechanic (31/5) at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan. He said, the network can not accept the BAI workshop servicing Pulsar 200ns.

Described, there are 19 special tools that do not belong Pulsar 200ns BAI workshop network. "We did not provide special tools for decision Bajaj India 200ns spawn it to the network Kawasaki products," added June Currently, BAI workshops provide 49 special tool for the Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 135.

"For example the battery, using different liquids. Testing is done when worn. This requires a special tool. Different engine sizes. So is the front fork, "said June

However, according to the confession Jun, the BAI has been trained on Pulsar 200ns and is relegated to the workshops Kawasaki in Indonesia. Henceforth, the Kawasaki workshop will develop training to other mechanics. "I think any time may be changed, BAI help service. Kawasaki networks are also not a lot, "she said.

Modification Honda CBR1800R?

Have you ever imagined CBR 1800 cc engine? Strength would definitely doubled, far exceeding CBR1000RR! That's what Cedric Smith, a technician from Everett Powersport in Washington DC, United States (U.S.) who managed to embody Honda CBR1800R! The masterpiece is now on display in front of his shop, used as a symbol of achievement that is difficult to surpass by another mechanic.

Figure the bike is not uncommon, especially the engine. Once observed, apparently a Honda Gold Wing, six-cylinder 1.800cc! For those who see the question arises, how the handling and performance? From the appearance, assessed elegant and neat. But what about the congenital diseases engine results cannibals or "junk" that could make noise Fals?

Gold Wing
According Kneeslider, who briefed directly from Cedric via phone, his creation intact stems of Gold Wing motorcycle that wants to be concise and not gambot. Came the idea for the engine and use a figure plucked another motorcycle.

Gold Wing stripped down, leaving the frame and engine. Cedric subrangka combines CBR, then added to the body of the model CBR 2005 Repsol Edition aftermarket. Although want to maintain all the components of the Honda, next sokbreker judged more suitable adopted from Suzuki GSX-R.

Rear retaining possession Gold Wing, including the swing arm. But the wider the tire wear by slightly modifying the swing arm basin. Coming out of the exhaust pipe ceramic coated engine block because now clearly visible. In addition, to reduce the impact of heat to the feet. By maintaining the framework of the Honda Gold Wing, long distance fixed wheel axis.

Six holes redesigned exhaust with 6-2-1 configuration. Three exhaust pipes on the right was deflected into the center back toward the top. As with the other three on the left. Now, this bike is no longer called CBR Gold Wing engine, but the Gold Wing diet!

New Modification Honda Beat

This time Modification will provide some pictures Modification Honda Beat, Honda Beat is one of the motor matic in interest, and for some people modify the bike is a hobby. Okay just Modificat
 ion will provide pictures Modification Honda Beat.

Mio Soul Modification

 New Modification Mio Soul with Red and White Colour.
Again, for those fond of following motor matic, below there Pictures Modification Motor Mio Soul, Can you Make Inspiration for your Matic Modification.

modification yamaha vixion same motor GP

modification yamaha vixion with two colour -> blue and white colour, give write Fiat. This modification very good same as Motor GP

Harley-Davidson Special Edition Rockstar Energy

as part of a contract with one of the sponsors kerjasasama anniversary of Harley-Davidson 110th, Rockstar Energy presents four special editions. Shades of yellow and black color scheme following the stamina drinks such greatness.

Fourth Softail motorcycle it is Slim, Street Bob, Street Glide and the Iron 883 gets a touch of Rusty Coones, retainer Illusion Motorcycles in Westminster, California. All on display at Daytona Bike and also appears on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, then in Milwaukee - factories and offices Harley-Davidson - to celebrate a birthday.

Still performed by the manufacturer, but some accessories replaced. For example, Street Gilde given special rims and a new exhaust tip to produce a distinctive sound. A very striking yellow color arises from the tank, head, until the rim (for the four models). The rest were given dlabur black matte finish and the image of the star on the side, a typical logo Roackstar.

Two of the four models of Rockstar will be prizes for users Harley-Davidson motorcycles. First, the model Iron 883, a major gift on Rockstar quiz on the website or Facebook.

One more model, Street Glide Rockstar will be the right one member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) in the entire world who has won a separate quiz. The trick, just follow the steps in http://www.rockstarenergy.com/HOG.

Modification Yamaha R6 spend more than USD 50 million.

Yamaha R6 which is actually expensive and gahar, could not make silent. Appearance of white color standard that was launched in 2011 and had dressed considered boring. The first solution that appears, colored!

One more, and then replaced the standard exhaust retired GP Series Arrow brand that claimed to be able to raise power. Did not take long, just building less than two weeks. Amount of light that's easy to use accessory is installed and there is no change in the body is the main reason.

Cost? Was not cheap enough. Only with the addition of branded accessories and changes in body paint, had to spend more than USD 50 million.