Minerva 250 "Naked Bike" Waste Digerojok Moge

Minerva Sachs 250 was introduced in Indonesia in order to add an aura moge option motorcycle. Instead, most motorcycle owners for $ 14 million overhaul was repeated zoom. As performed Pungky Budiman the menggerojok Minervanya with MOGE waste until it looks like moge real. It is less wide tires and front sokbreker still looks skinny. To make heavier, Pungky took him to New Motor Sport (BMS) in the Palmerah, South Jakarta. "Just buy immediately taken to BMS. Penginnya gahar does look increasingly like the Ducati Monster, "he said. Quite extreme changes without fiddling order. This step is actually difficult, because replacing the front and rear with MOGE waste usually sacrificing frame. However, BMS outsmart a little trick. The front suspension adopted from Kawasaki ZX1000 up side down with the adjustments on the triangle and stabilizer bar (steering damper). Then tilt angle front suspension plus. To keep it stable, BMS install such a shock. Nyomot front fender also belongs ZX1000. To compensate for the suspension was that gahar, Pungky replacing standard rim-owned Kawasaki ZX1400 measures 3.5 X 17, wrapped in 120/70-17 Shinko tires. On the back foot, the original swing arm is maintained. Only the width plus the cutting and re-welding the sides of the swing arm. The goal gave the room more spacious and safe for a 6 inch wide rim that looks gambot motorcycle. The initial goal was to follow the feel grumpy little Ducati Monster 696. To get the impression it was very simple. Pungky just add some impressions carbon look with the addition of accessories made ​​from carbon kevlar in some parts of the body such as the tank, head and stern. The rest, all rely on Minerva Sachs Naked 250 are from nature already faced enough naked bike gahar typical European. Bravo!