Kawasaki ER-6N Total Carbon Kevlar Over Macho

Despite the minimalist, touch Rico Fahlevi able to make a Kawasaki ER-6N looks more elegant and very interesting to see.

"By design, the standard conditions already making eyes bulging. Therefore, it takes a special concept for change. I have to be careful. The kit is simple, clean look to speak," said Rico.

The white bike clean "clean" again and shift the legs. The work entrusted to Joddy Motor in Kalimalang. Rear rim is selected which is used by the Kawasaki ZX-6R, 5.5 inches wide and 17 inches in diameter. Subsequently Bridgstone tires wrapped with BT Batllax 16-180/55.

Still around the legs, Riko fix the brakes, which replace the radial four-piston Kitaco brand. Brake hoses replaced with artificial LCD, while the brake lever and the clutch and, replaced with a Brembo RCS 19. The goal is that the brakes work more stable.

Rico also replace the oil tube brakes, rearview mirrors, and grips the brand rhizomes. All parts of the motor is covered with a black coating of carbon kevlar.
"Black and white, good-matching combined. I use the accessory of karbonkevlar so it looks more manly and macho. Not tacky. "Explained the man's surname Hasibuan,

The final touch, Arrow muffler replaced with a brand that is also coated with carbon to make this bike look more ciamik!