Ducati Monster Style Praying mantis style

Vilner Craft, home modifications from Italy, they design their Ducati Monster 1100 EVO. Her inspiration was coming from the Bvlgari brand, and has been applied to the BMW F800R. Rhino-powered motorcycles and frightening look is made more fierce by some fundamental changes. "The team wanted to give the impression to the Ducati Monster 1100 EVO is like a praying mantis. Quiet and peaceful, as do the Kung Fu, "explained a crew Vilner. Changes made ​​by adding at the end of the aluminum grip frame. The impression gained from the locust front headlight design with two eyes. Meanwhile, saddle stitching pattern changed with the box. Whitewash motorcycle body with pearl white color. Gas tank is covered with a layer of black skin. Stern cut 100 mm to get the impression bent. Furthermore, sweetened by the use of rim view of two colors. Vilner claims, motorcycle power is increased by about 10 PS to 109 PS so. Vilner'm only produce 100 units. For the price, it was announced later!