Modification BEAT and Colaboration modified Honda after Revo

The model adopted is a vehicle modification for exploring the natural (off-road). "The concept that we provide FACT, which is fun, active, and cross tracker. So, this modification can be followed by those who like adventure," commented Djalu Pratomo, Product Research AHM.

Viscous characteristic off-road look at the front sepatbor higher. In order to bottom, so there's nothing more liaison between the chassis and engine front rake. "Instead, we made re-frame with steel pipe. Chassis is similar to underbone and certainly more robust," added Djalu. It looks more muscular after the chassis was made extending to the side of the body.

Another strong impression appeared on the front foot that has adopted the model upside down. Although not full to the triangle on the kinds of variants sport, dashing impression was shock absorbers represented by the variation.

Rear shock absorbers made of mono models. Holder who wore the bottom steel plate is above the crankcase. As for the top, Djalu explained that the holder is made from the same plate and located on the trunk.

Dyad embedded in the side body signifies BEAT is a second variant of modified Honda after Revo