Out of boredom with the sport-style motorcycle, Dipa Citranto Muhammad (35), select the modifications to the appearance chopper. For that, he must sacrifice his bike just to ride alone. Yamaha Vixionnya had to be sacrificed: the frame is left idle, while the engine is taken, transplanted to the new order created itself. "If before I was delighted with sports bikes, now prefer the classic style. As for the engine, like the injection system," said the oil company employees. Reason, because it is used as a daily bike. In addition, treatment for injection machine more easily judged. To perform this modification, Dipa turn it over to the commander of the workshop Topo Tauco modification. "The challenge I faced modify motorcycle chopper is not because of his models, but it should pack the injection machine as possible. In addition, it can also display the classic style," beber Topo. redesign To create a chopper frame, Topo choose to use steel pipe with high flexibility. "Same with the rollbar on the car is used for off-road. The main frame uses 0.5-inch diameter pipeline while supporting (subframe), 0.25 inches. In order to figure this bike is not rigid, petrol tank was designed in the form of water droplets. Sokbreker ahead, do not use the Springer as it is considered common for the chopper, but still take advantage of the telescopic Vixion Yamaha. To make a more dashing appearance, used 19 inch rims with wide tires for the next 120. While the 17-inch rear rims wrapped in used tires Dunlop 180. Subsequent to the initial attraction remains steady, the engine was in the "up-grade" with KOSO package. As a result, Dipa was satisfied with the appearance and performance of the bike. One more thing, the only inilaha Yamaha engined chopper Vixion in Indonesia!