For New Faces

Unfortunately, if Suzuki GSX600 continue sitting in the garage for years. Finally, Wijaya Ariawan (28), and the owner of the shop pemodifikator New Motor Sport (BMS) try to turn a standard view moge Japanese-style cafe racer (CR) is again a trend among modifier. "This motor was already long and I have a gift from a friend in Borneo, but it was not kepikir what to do until it can be an extreme ideas like this," said Ari. A risk must be accepted Ariawan choose modif flow is classified radicals CR. He must give up all parts of the motorcycle is wasted, except for the engine. As the main frame is made with a 0.5 inch pipe to shore up the heart pacemaker. Then 0.25-inch pipe to side frame as its own characteristics, considering that normally exist in the naked bike course but the flow can be either by Ari collaborated. Then, if the cafe racer style known as the upright and slender, Ari melencang try a little of the CR tradition. It looks at a large fuel tank and a slender stern and a little "nungging". So, instead of trying to chrome color accents shown on the cafe racer, but a mix of gold and red. For gold are given in akesoris of X-Race and rhizomes, ranging from the triangle, handgrip, footstep and brake oil tube. Then the red in order and up-side-down size of 50 mm from Marzocchi. "Classical is just a concept but it's really just a modern twist remains a major treat for the cafe racer berbodi 'bed and board' this," said the father of one's child. For the appearance of the legs hang out in accordance with a big motor, MOGE is given Carrozeria 3.5x16.5 superbike front rim and rear 6.25x16.5. I then wrapped tire of K1 120/65-16.5 Mettzeler Silk Racetech front and behind 190/45-16.5.