Honda Megapro that has been changed to style CB100

Modified retro-style motorcycles are not only dominated by the flow of cafe racer, scrambler or bratsyle. Enthusiasts to change the style of old motorcycle standard 70s era is now also increasingly in demand. Owner of Central Classic Custom store, Nolavander said, the standard old motor that is often used as a reference is the Honda CB100. According to Nola, his workshop has often worked on today's motor that changed the look like CB100 or other types of CB. He then showed one of his customers' motorcycles. Also read: Suzuki Thunder, Motorcycle Retro Solution with Low Cost "This is originally Megapro in 2004," said Nola when met Kompas.com in his workshop on Jalan Bukit Cinere Raya, Gandul, Depok, on Tuesday

One of Honda Megapro that has been transformed into a retro CB100 style creations of Central Classic Custom accessory store at Bukit Cinere Raya, Gandul, Depok, Tuesday (27/2/2018). (Nasyra) Standard CB100 is no different from retro flow in general. Original frame motor on the back will be cut and replaced with a custom frame. Because the rear framework of today's motor is different from the motors of old. The easiest to see is the driver's position and the "boncenger". When in today's motorcycle position boncenger seat higher than the driver, not so with the old motor. In the old motor, the seat tends to flat. So the driver's seat position and boncenger is just as high. Also read: Akali Modif Motor Retro More Cost Efficient The differentiating part is the upholstery. According to Nola, the seat on a motor altercation style CB100 using the classic style according to the original model of the motor. The shape is square and the surface is thicker. The model tends to be simpler and color choices are also only one type, namely black

Indicator panel from Honda Megapro which has been transformed into a retro CB100 style creation of Central Classic Custom accessory store at Bukit Cinere Raya, Gandul, Depok, Tuesday (27/2/2018). (Kompas.com/Alsadad Rudi) Central Classic Custom looks providing various accessory required in CB100 style modification. From front and rear football, indicator panel, handlebars, shell lamp, tank, upholstery, up to the back frame. They also serve installation services. For the price of accessories as well as the cost of workmanship, Nola calls the cost varies from the range of Rp 5 million to over Rp 10 million. Read also: Terms So Motor Retro, Consider This List of Changes "If we have ever done, the total cost of at least Rp 5 million can only accessory we love the ordinary.If the above Rp 10 million we love the imported class, which the best stuff, "said Nola.