New Modification Honda Beat

Photos Modified Honda Beat
Let us further modification photo to Honda beat. Frightening word is apt given to modifications Honda beat this one. How did the no, orange lightning motif dominates part of the body of the Honda beat this. Tire which has a larger size also adds kesangaran this motor scooter. In the photo to the modification of the Honda beat seven you can see Honda beat that is 360 degrees different from the original. If you know, the actual motor that left only the skeleton of this course is actually a Honda beat.

Photos of Honda beat modification is very suitable for women. Because of what? Because this modification Honda beat menggunawan pink as a color base modification of Honda beat belongs to the owner. Honda beat increasingly looks more beautiful with seat and fender custom. Finally we get to photograph Honda beat the last modification. Maybe the owner was inspired by gum bigbabol to modify this bike. In the stripping section bodynya you can see an image similar to the image wrap
of chewing gum, coupled with a very strong blue color of Honda beat it.