Motorcycle Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle Original Canadian

One more try electric motorcycle attracted worldwide attention . Lito , a Canadian company creates Sora , driven by electric motors that power supplied from a 12kWh lithium-polymer batteries . Bongsor models , claimed full of innovation that is not owned any brand .
Ejected torque to 90 Nm . Heat the motor cooled by liquid system . Like Brammo Empulse , Sora also has a six-speed CVT transmission type , the same as most vehicles to ice / snow making machines working in extreme efficiency .
Uniquely , the seat can be hung upside down electronically , and is claimed to be the first in the world . Passengers can customize a motorcycle high to posture , from 29.5 inches to 33.4 inches .
Mileage to be the most disturbing issues about electric vehicles . That is why Lito using special software called Safe Range System . This patented technology has been able to set up energy when the user set goals that are embedded computer systems .
For example, the distance is far , but the battery is running out , the system will limit the speed , or make all the components work as efficiently as possible . Maximum distance that can be traveled with a full battery is 200 km ( the combination ) .
still sportyAlthough adorned with electricity . Sora is a sport bike . Aluminum chassis combined body of carbon fiber . 34mm inverted front fork , combined sokbreker Elka behind ( adjustable ) . Size 17 inch rims with tires 120/70 front and 180/55 rear . 59 -inch wheelbase , while the 25 -degree rake . Total weight of 259 kg .
The appliance is equipped with ABS brakes yet , but claimed to hold the vehicle speed . Reported quite sporty character control like a street fighter . Lito Sora is also equipped with regenerative braking , plus GPS touch screen on the instrument panel . This bike has a tag of 45,000 U.S. dollars (USD 518.7 million ) .

New 1290 KTM ferociously "The Beast" Super Duke

New KTM opening more taps information about 1290 Super Duke in the microsite . After the leaked specs and photos , turn to official video uploaded . It appears that the Austrian manufacturer to highlight malignancy motorcycle , nicknamed " The Beast " was .
This video makes people watching realized , that this is the real speed demon . Power is so great that some times have to wheelie ( lift the front wheels ) when the gas re- opened . For mode " Sport " , all electronic shackle is opened , including traction control . It's also what makes " The Beast " looks sliding when turning at high speed .
Also shown how the malignancy when interacting on the go , from urban , highway , road , highway , winding , until the circuit once. At the end of the video duration 2 minutes 22 seconds was shown maximum power and torque . Ability of data at once dashed from 0-200 kph only 7.2 seconds !
It impatiently awaiting an official appearance at EICMA , Milan , in the near future . Medicine , see the following video :