Chopper Proostreet Penz Original

Info Chopper Proostreet Penz Original have Peter and Anita Penz, husband and wife are now living in Altheim, Austria is one of the world's leading builder. His achievements in custom moge very bright and they have created a limited edition, Chooper Proostreet built in 2002. The world population is only three, one of whom settled in Indonesia.The owner is now Abdul Samad, President Director of PT Makassar Putra Mandiri (MPM), a company engaged in the field of General Trading. He deserved pride, because it was built to the specifications moge unusual."Initially, I was hunting on the internet. In 2010, these motorcycles still cost Rp 1 billion. I drill until finally in 2012, I was able to catch up to Bali and take it home for only $ 420 million. Currently the owner of the Japanese who lived in Bali , "recalls Samad accent Makassar.Up in his hand, not so good condition and handed over to the Custom Imagineering (IC) to "processed" again. Tedja Widjaja, owner of IC, describes some of its specifications. The engine, using the S & S Evolution 2.200cc. Upside down front forks, handlebars and footrests are filmed IC."Treadle trail bike for freestyle and fan belt had re-touch. Rims made Penz maintained, was real cool with the ring size of 21, 18 berlebar tread rear 250," beber Tedja who opened his shop in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.To complete it, and replaced the tire dicopoti Avon Cobra AV72 240/40 at the rear, while the use Metzeler Marathon 120/70-21 M / C 62V. The rest, start frame, tank, fenders, exhaust grooves, headlights, license plate numbers, to paint and original graphical plots Penz Custom Bikes. Dilanjuti mirrors and artificial Arleness kick stand with hydraulic clutch.Net on the RightThere are unique from the big bike, swing arm turned into a single (single side swingarm). Thus, the dominant component of the motorcycle is on the left. According Tedja, this is a characteristic of the technology claim Penz Custom Bikes. "When viewed from the right side, it looks clean and neat," said Tedja.One more characteristic that distinguishes this bike with the work of other Penz, namely the signature of Peter and Anita Penz on the tank.Samad, who also serves as President Commissioner of PT Indonesian Maritime Union feel very fortunate to have this motorcycle. Not only on display, a few times this metallic silver mounts dibesut to devour the distance.The identity of his macho look, and reflects the character of Samad is "naughty". Bangor here means because he is El Presidente D'Bangorz, community fun ride for the 2012 and officially formed and now represent no more than 15 people.