Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC

applying it to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC-Ino suit and Rizal-that in fact a duck.

When the overhaul, do not want to eliminate modifikator nature Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC as a motor ducks, especially referring to Law No. 22 of 2009, which has changed the form to getting a ticket. Therefore, preserved duck genre, including the middle deck.

Meanwhile, the cover body has been thought to replace the printed material thin fiber. Consideration, in order not to be heavy weights. "Sheets was then a small cut and then affixed to gradually form a pattern," said Dana. After the pattern is formed, then the printing process actually performed.

Hence, if observed in detail, the front had turned into moge. The main lights had moved into the chest where the front. Lamp picked by Suzuki GSX600 because rarely adopted.

Another interesting thing, double-Muffler exhaust design adds muscular rear view with a single arm models. Who would have thought, modification via phone can be cool.