Yamaha Scorpio

This motor might be mentioned carried the theme streetfighter minimalis. Because of that several main aspects like bodi and light continued to be maintained. Be enough to replace the component foot-foot that was a little bigger, but continued to be chosen that approached the dimension and the original Scorpio model. It was just natural, his owner previously doyan speed-touring with the length motor, Thunder 250 that was known to be fierce in the long trip. However according to him, Thunder rather sulked in the short route in the city.

Doi then chose Scorpio Z that was agile and powerful the rhinoceros in order to releases the low-upper round desire in the trip in and out of town. Therefore, the modification foot-foot must be able to maintain the capacity ”run” tight. Lebar FXR socks To receive the proportion at the same time maintaining the weight, was chosen several components foot-foot FXR from ligagame.com.

start from acted as if front, swing arm, to the rim and his disc. Act as if front FXR that was widest in his class so as to have the stability that could be relied on at the time of menikung and carried out braking. It was wide that the triangle of these socks be the same as belonging to Thunder 250 that bertipe teleskopik.